45 degree pipe template

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this page explains creation of a pipe cutting template (cut back for branch pipe and hole template for header pipe). for stub in type branch, we have to consider id of header and od or branch. so the input data is as follows: first draw a box of length more than 3 times header dia and height of exactly od of header pipe. next draw two half circles of branch od diameter (168 mm) on left side and header id diameter (255 mm) on right side as shown in blue color. divide left half circle of branch od into 8 parts of 22.5 degree each as shown below. draw quarter circle with radius of branch od at the top aligned with right edge of header pipe as shown in magenta color. divide this circle in 4 equal parts of 22.5 degrees. draw half circle of branch od radius and divide it into 8 equal parts of 22.5 degree each.

draw vertical lines from points 1 to 4 and intersect with them with half circle of header od as shown below, on right edge of pipe header. draw horizontal lines from intersection points a,b,c and d towards left side as shown. mark intersection of these lines with lines drawn in step 7 above. connect these lines with a curve to get branch pipe cut back profile. mark horizontal lines from left edge branch od half circle division points towards right direction as shown, then mark vertical lines from intersection points marked in above step 8, mark intersections of same number lines and draw a curve as shown with thick green line below. calculate outside circumference of branch pipe with the formula pi * od i.e. divide this line into 16 equal parts as we have divided header and branch pipes into 16 equal parts of 22.5 degree each. then draw vertical lines of length equal to distance between marked points 1 to 5 and intersection points marked in step 8. these distances are marked as thick black lines in figure below.

calculate, print and cut pipe miter templates. wrap around tube, mark cut and grind to shape – metric. lets consider angle of lateral to be 45 degrees. creating template for lateral stub in. for stub in type branch, we have this video explain about layout and development of 45 deg pipe cutting(45 degree miter bend fabricate from pipe , pipe connection template, pipe connection template, tube notching. how do you mark a 45 degree angle on a pipe? how do i make a 45 degree template? how do you layout a pipe miter? how do you find the angle of a pipe?

if the branch were other than 90 degrees, you would lay it out the same way except from the view that would show a universal reusable template for cutting ends of cylindrical a template device for cutting an end of a pipe in the pipes are typically connected at 45-degree angles as shown in fig.,

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