aircraft lease agreement

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in order to lease an aircraft, a lessee and lessor must sign an aircraft lease agreement, which defines the terms of the lease, such as who is responsible for operating and maintaining the aircraft, the length of the lease and so on. in this arrangement, a financial institution will take ownership of the aircraft and enter into a lease agreement with a business or individual. financing lease with a financing lease, the structure of the aircraft lease agreement will take into account whether the lessor is going to lease finance a new or pre-owned aircraft.

aside from a casualty, some financing leases might also permit the lessee to terminate the lease and purchase the aircraft from the lessor or otherwise make the lessor whole. financing lease the credit approval process for a financing lease starts with the lessor conducting due diligence regarding the lessee/guarantor and the aircraft in question. if there is a significant change in either or both, or if the lessee’s needs have changed and they intend to trade up through another lease with the same lessor, the lessee may be able to restructure the lease. finally, in order to achieve all of their goals related to acquiring, financing and operating a new or pre-owned aircraft, lessees should retain the services of industry professionals with relevant experience and favorably recognized market reputations.

this document is intended as a guide to creating an aircraft lease agreement for your club. the document can be amended or adopted completely to fit the needs put simply, the aircraft lease agreement for a financing lease is similar to a loan agreement; so long as the lessee pays installments and materially performs two companies can agree to purchase the airplane and share it 60% and 40%, with the pilot, maintenance, etc., being the responsibility of one company. that, .

an aircraft lease agreement is a contract between the aircraft owner and the lessee. the leasing company, typically airlines, provides payments for the use of airplanes. types of dry leases include rental agreements and, in aircraft trust arrangements, operating agreements. under a dry lease, the compensation being paid is typi-. this aircraft operating lease agreement (the “agreement”) is dated as of. , 2010, by and between bank of utah, a corporation organized and existing under 3.1 the lessor agrees to grant on lease an aircraft, and the lessee agrees to rent the. aircraft as more specifically described in schedule a of this agreement., .

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