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a founders’ agreement is a document created by the founders of a company to establish how the company will function. each founder shall also perform any and all acts and execute all documents and instruments as may be required by the company at its sole discretion to perfect title in the business concept and technology and any related intellectual property. ‌if the founders have not yet formed a company within [number] year(s) of signature, the founders agree to discuss the benefits of continued collaboration related to the business concept and technology and will discuss a mutually agreeable timetable for the formation of the company.

the founders hereby waive any and all right to have this agreement adjudicated by a court or jury. if a court of competent jurisdiction holds any of the provisions of this agreement to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect. use this cooperative agreement or memorandum of agreement can be used to legally lay out the steps toward an agreed upon result.

and while all that is certainly true, you still need to get a founders agreement. a great name can help push your company to the next level, but a terrible one can sink you before you even started. tax stuff is tricky — and we suggest you hire a tax professional to help you draft out this part of your founders agreement. this is one of those times that it’s a good move to invest some of your runway. the minute you dive into figuring out startup equity compensation, you’re slammed from every side with a bunch of words that you might have heard in the past and you might be able to fake knowledge of at a dinner party.

so the very first thing you have to do is determine what your intellectual property is. it’s up to you to decide if you want to go that more hard-lined approach and can defined at length when creating a founders agreement. many startup founders choose to require that any dispute with the founders agreement is settled with binding arbitration, but it’s up to you and your co-founders to decide what you want to do. this is when you and your co-founders need to go through all of the tricky stuff, from equity to compensation to termination, and figure out what you want to do. but you all need to protect your own interests and the interests of the company. finally, give each of your co-founders time to review their copy of the founders agreement, consult their lawyers if necessary, and then sign and date it.

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download this free founders’ agreement template as a word document to help your company create a strong framework as it advances towards incorporation. this is a list of sources of templates for your founders agreement. find the template that fits you best and create your founders agreement. this agreement governs the partnership between the founders, doing business as [company name] (the “company”). the company will continue perpetually, unless, founders agreement y combinator, founders agreement template pdf.

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