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an online contract is the start of your business relationship. let’s dig a little deeper and understand what each of them should address: since a contract is a legally binding document, the first thing you need to do is specify who the agreement is binding. a contract is also a way to secure your business and set expectations of the work that will be carried out by each party. a contract is not only important to outline what each party has to do, it’s also what will guarantee that your work as a freelancer is valued, and will be paid for in a timely manner.

depending on the industry and work that you’ll be doing, there might be confidential information, copyrights, and other ip rights to consider. well, sort of, now you know what the backbone of a contract includes, and why each is important–especially for a freelancer. any contract generator won’t necessarily be the solution to all of your problems. you’ll probably spend a lot of time and resources trying to get one on your own.

button up the formalities and lock in your rate with a variety of legally-sound freelance contract templates. you can use the templates we provide for the quickest setup, or you can copy and paste your existing contract into the editor and send it out for signing. your clients can also easily sign online—they don’t even need an indy account. sign your contracts using our built-in electronic signature feature or upload your own. send your contract to your client with a custom message for a personalized touch.

choose from a variety of vocation-specific, lawyer-made contract templates you can customize and apply to your work. with indy, you can monitor the current status of all your contracts in one list, from draft to viewed to signed. contracts are automatically listed under the people you’ve sent them to, and can even be attached to projects to further organize them. “it’s a really great tool that helps me put together contracts really easily. the interface is very easy to use.

free custom contract template for freelancers and self-employed. work: build a standardized client agreement with our step-by-step contract creator. get rid of your unformatted contract templates, and change it with jotform’s pdf contract template that can be formatted to match your business designs and impress new clients and partners with bonsai’s 100% customizable online contract creator., .

use our online contract maker to create any contract in minutes! writing a contract using a standard contract template can help you produce a largely find free contract templates you can use today and download in pdf or word. this contractor proposal template allows you to create a customized proposal did you know sellers using square contracts are 60% more likely to win a non-fraud dispute. our contract builder makes protecting your business easy to do., .

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