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perhaps the great appeal of myspace – aside from its music emphasis – is how customizable each profile can be and the site essentially gives you your own mini-site to be as unique as you want. a light and slick myspace design. sleep makes use of a lot of white space and has a clear style. a transparent profile that allows as a full screen background image. stylish and compact for those wanting a neat profile. uses background images and the colors work well together in a compacted format. great for arty and creative profiles. template based around alice in wonderland and features a creative design as well as a rollover included in the main template. a clean and airy designed template.

the background images give this template a cool and calm feeling. looks arty and as though a paint brush has just glided over it. a background sketch and a clean & white layout are simple but effective in creating an aesthetically pleasing profile. has a minimalist and compact design although manages to fit all aspects of the profile into the space. a very compact but imaginative template. uses the same color scheme and is great for a colorful but minimal myspace profile especially for linux fans. may seem cluttered in some spaces but it has a creative design that incorporates much more than just profile information. very basic color scheme and has a minimalist design but manages to incorporate a lot into a small space. in a lemonade sea is almost cartoon-like while still looking stylish and providing a unique profile template.

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green night from create blog. 22141321. a myspace profile template that makes good use of different shades of do you want to create your own layout? check out our profile editor. pattern myspace backgrounds • background referred by here i stand layouts. ©2008 | home leader about contact privacy terms. ,

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