dwr spring mvc template

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in order to integrate dwr with spring, dwr needs to gain access to the spring context. the dwrspringservlet can be used if you are not using spring mvc. this allows dwr and spring mvc to remote spring beans easily with a custom syntax and removes the need for dwr.xml. in spring mvc, for each controller you have to map the urls that it will handle. if you use the url-mapping tag the dwr test page will be unavailable. the is used to mimic the behavior of the configuration available in dwr.xml.

there you can specify the methods that are going to be proxied and those that won’t. before attempting to integrate dwr and spring with annotations you should be familiar with the dwr/spring namespace. this creator will be useful to you if you already use spring and totally useless if you don’t. one of the common pitfalls when integrating spring and dwr are scoped beans (session, request, …). spring allows you to have multiple handler mappings, to fix this you need to create a beannameurlhandlermapping explicitly in your spring.xml (in addition to the simpleurlhandlermapping). we use a spring class to parse the annotation-config element and if you do not specify an id the parser is unhappy.

the following jars are requiring for dwr and spring mvc project. com. .commons.logging-. i am using dwr for first time should i use dwr ? if yes the how to use dwr(direct web remoting) in spring mvc 4. if not then what to use? how to integrating dwr with spring mvc param-value >classpath: projectspringcontext.xmldwr spring mvc template site stackoverflow com prmd isvn, dwr spring mvc template site stackoverflow com prmd isvn.

configure dwr in spring. joe and i are enough talk, let us have a look at sample configuration. if you are already using spring mvc the dwrcontroller is the most obvious choice. http://localhost:8080/spring-mvc-dwr/krams/main/nonajax/add. here’s the result: here’s a sample config: