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an end user licensing agreement template can and should be edited to reflect the nature of the relationship between the parties. non-exclusive license – a nonexclusive license grants a licensee the license to use ip, but the licensor remains free to use the ip or grant licenses to other parties. this clause may also include a performance agreement that specifies that the licensee must achieve a certain level of performance or be in danger of losing their rights. if you do not have a licensing agreement, the owner of ip will be unable to make money off of it or control its usage.

it is employed by a software developer to detail how the software can be used, cannot be used, and the rights the user/buyer of the software may or may not have. license granting: this section explicitly states that a license is being granted, giving permission for the licensee to use the software, and that the license is revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and limited. this section also states that waiver by any party of any breach of the agreement or failure to exercise any right under the agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any other breach or right. a eula that includes these clauses is attempting to prevent the consumer from filing a class-action lawsuit against the developer/vendor for a product that does not perform as advertised or a product that is faulty.

it is a legal agreement between the manufacturer/producer/licensor of a software product and the end-user/purchaser/licensee. an eula is required when end-users want to download, install, and use your software product. an eula offers you legal protection and helps your users understand and accept the terms of use of your software product. and it gives you some level of control over the use of your software. you need an eula so that you can specify the rights and limitations that apply to the use of your software.

yes, an eula is a legally binding agreement, but the enforceability of an eula largely depends on the legal jurisdiction and the court of dispute. and this is why courts tend to enforce an eula in the form of a click-wrap agreement. though the purchaser or user usually bears the risk, the eula allows a software producer to escape liability in the event of a claim for damages or costs by the user(s). without a legal background, it would be difficult if not impossible to write your own eula from scratch. our simple eula template gives you a concise but standard eula to edit & adapt to your needs.

an end-user license agreement (eula) is an agreement put in place between someone who purchases, installs, or downloads software, complete list of eula templates. create your own agreement with the eula generator. use our free end user license agreement template to protect your intellectual property and prohibit licensees from re-selling your software., .

create and customize your free eula quickly and easily by answering a few simple questions. available to print or download in all states. if you develop or create software, you need an end user license agreement (eula). this agreement prevents the a eula, or end user licensing agreement, should include information about the product, the ways that a user is allowed to use the software, and any important, .

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