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notice to users: please be advised, indiana office of technology (iot) only supports internet explorer.  if you access this site via mozilla (firefox), safari, chrome or some other agent, errors will likely occur.  thank you. this website is for filing incident initial and incident follow-up reports required by the indiana bureau of quality improvement services and the indiana division of aging waiver services, including mfp. based on the division and primary funding source selected, only the appropriate fields will be available for data entry.  this site is maintained by the division of disability and rehabilitative services. please report any problems with the website by sending an e-mail to

welcome to the web-based incident and follow-up reporting (ifur) tool. notice to users: please be advised, submit no later than 45 days following the date the incident was known to the agency. submit reports to:. incident reporting form instructions. please note that all information filled out on this form must be typed, with the , follow up report sample, follow up report sample, incident report form. what is a follow up report? how do i make an incident report? what are the types of incident reports?

a follow-up report is submitted to provide amended or additional information information requested or information from your previous report will have already populated the follow-up report form. introduction of “5 whys” form for low risk incident investigations. description of corporate lfi process with roles & this form serves as that documentation. item by item instructions: type of reportable incident: check the type of ,

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