horse default template

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i would be happy for all categories to use the 1 template. thanks chris you just go to the dashboard -> appearance -> theme options -> advanced options -> home page / front page category we don’t have any other features to display the selected category in other page. we recommended not to change the code because if you change the code then while updating to our new version all your customisation code will be lost. so better make child theme and first unhook the functions and the edit the code. what functions would i be looking to use in the child theme or what script should i be looking at?

regards chris all the functions is on the same page so you don’t need to move to other page to edit it. you just create a child theme folder and create a file name functions.php and there you customise the code first unhook and then only customise code and if you are unable then you may hire a developer to fix it. found a plugin that looks like it does exactly what we need, allow to choose a template for the category, called custom category template. when it doesn’t work, support issues all point to templates that do not use the normal wordpress template hierarchy. does interface theme use wp hierarchy and native hook? just trying to narrow the issue in case it might be with another plugin.

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