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thankfully, table-based layouts are primarily dead (with the exclusion of html email), and when you need a table nowadays, it’s for the purpose it was originally created for — to show tabular data. the bootstrap table plugin is used as a feature-rich, yet lightweight drop-and-play table plugin that offers all the features you need with minimal dev work. overall, the purpose of this plugin is simple, and with few elements to minimize complexity. the plugin works straight out of the box as you would expect, but it also offers a comprehensive amount of documentation so you can control how your table will look, feel and operate. you can control the type of graph, colors, labels and other interactive elements to suit your needs.

the extensibility of the plugin means that you can customize your tables the way you want. feature-wise, the plugin comes with theming support (but the overall goal is to customize it for your own needs), and several filters and events that you can hook into to make your data management easier. it might be smaller than some of the other plugins mentioned here, but it’s still a robust and useful plugin that you might find use for in your upcoming projects. footable is a boostrap-inspired table extension plugin that provides searching, filtering and other goodies to enhance your tables. if you’re looking for a plugin that’s been tested, iterated and improved (with the ability to leverage a team of skilled contributors), then this plugin might be perfect for you. whether you’re interested in just light styling or if you need extra features such as searching, filtering, column sorting, ajax/json loading, there’s a jquery plugin out there to make your life easier and improve user experience.

if you’re entirely new to javascript/jquery then some of the examples, and/or the author’s documentation, javascript template let you add behaviors to your awesome table app. for example you can:. now that the table has been created and the template defined, we use javascript to insert rows into the table, with each row being constructed using the template as its basis. // test to , html table template, html table template, bootstrap table, table css, javascript html template example.

html tables allow web authors to arrange data into rows and columns. javascript reference sql reference a collection of the best css3 and html table templates for you to include in your websites regarding of their niche. thanks to advancements in javascript ( jquery), html5 and css3 create interactive data tables in seconds with tabulator. a lightweight, fully featured javascript table generation library., stylish css tables, w3schools, w3schools, html table examples, html table border-collapse

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