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today i will be sharing a template for a common legal tool for quickly and efficiently evaluating commercial leases: the commercial lease abstract / summary. essentially, this is a 2-3 page abstract which summarizes key terms in a format which allows a potential buyer to quickly compare lease terms among multiple leases or properties. one of texas’ top real estate attorneys, ronald rohde, has graciously offered to share his time, expertise, and open his library of real estate legal templates for the a.cre audience. we start with clear distinctions between the lease effective date, commencement date, and rent payment date. the rentable area is important to understand how large of a space or percentage of total a single occupant utilizes. it is an important verification for a property with many units to ensure that all tenants sum to 100%.

this is a very easy display of the annual changes and it conveniently will input in to an acre model for rental income analysis! these calculations will verify what is commonly described as “3% increases.”  next, you’ll notice that in my versions i include a page reference to the locations of my data. if a client wants to read more or double-check my work, then the page references allow the client to dig further into any areas of concern. this video is based on v1.0 of the template document. just enter a price together with an email address to send the download link to, and then click ‘continue’. paid contributors to the template receive a new download link via email each time the model is updated. about the a.cre legal contibutor: ronald rohde has over ten years of legal experience with real estate transactions, leasing, and investment.

a lease abstract makes the information more digestible by outlining pertinent financial, business, and legal provisions. lease abstracts are helpful, time-saving resources for landlords and property managers and commercial real estate investors. in addition to the details listed above, lease abstracts for retail properties may include additional details about businesses occupying the property: lease abstracts help commercial real estate investors in several ways. abstracts can also help investors save money and generate new revenue. the abstract may also serve as a guiding tool for property improvements and alterations that can increase revenue for businesses – and investors – down the road. commercial leases can be hundreds of pages long, and some investors simply don’t have time to pore through every detail. rather than transcribing key lease points into an abstract by hand, many companies rely on dedicated software programs.

to generate an abstract, users simply highlight key points and transfer them onto an abstract template. ai-based abstracting programs are a growing trend in commercial real estate. in theory, they also ‘train’ themselves to become more efficient over time. abstract writers who are wary of ai programs can also choose from a wide range of more rudimentary platforms. when reviewing a lease abstract, commercial real estate investors should search for the key points listed above. if questions remain, investors should request a copy of the original lease to verify these details. use it to find and hire commercial real estate experts who can help with your lease abstracts.

sample lease abstract. property address: 4700 south syracuse street. denver, colorado 80237. premises: suite # _____. commencement date:. learn to use and download free a commercial lease abstract (summary), a 2-3 page summary of key terms and points in a commercial real estate a short form lease summary chart (lease abstract), to summarize the key provisions typically found in a commercial lease. this standard document is a useful, lease abstract checklist, lease abstract checklist, lease abstract software, nnn lease abstract, agreement abstract.

713-647-6400 office. lease abstract – sample. lease. documents. date: building name: heron lakes office park. building. address: 7906 n sam houston pky w. do you need a lease abstract template for a commercial real estate lease? the propertymetrics team has gathered several free and helpful resources for what should a lease abstract include? the property’s square footage and physical address the tenant’s name and rental history lease start and expiration, lease brief, commercial lease agreement.

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