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this is your sharedlib folder from which you need to add your references to the nhibernate and nunit dlls. so we have to define a mapping between the entity and the corresponding table in the database. now we have to first define a primary key for the product entity. we now have to tell nhibernate which database product we want to use and provide it the connection details in form of a connection string. add a copy of hibernate.cfg.xml to the root of this unit test project. in the second line we tell nhibernate to configure itself.

finally we have used nhibernate to automatically generate the database schema from our domain (and our mapping files). thus we add the following method and now we can implement the test method to add a new product instance to the database. that is the recommended approach and i warmly recommend not to change it for a maximum of flexibility. analogous to the add method we implement the update method of the repository. as a result the code is less verbose and easier to understand. the test can be implemented as follows in this article i have shown you how to implement a basic sample domain, define the mapping to a database and how to configure nhibernate to be able to persist domain objects in the database. i have taken ms sql compact edition as sample database but any other supported database can be used (you only have to change the hibernate.cfg.xml file accordingly).

your first nhibernate based application first sample enter the following information into the xml file. poco class first and then declare the mapping metadata for it. for example, for the poco entity mode, the corres-. first-class visual orm designer for entity framework, nhibernate, linqconnect, code generation template choice., fluent nhibernate, fluent nhibernate, nhibernate database first, orm nhibernate c%23, nhibernate persister.

step 3 − from the left pane, select templates → visual c# → windows. step 4 − in the middle pane, select the first thing that we need to provide is the connection string. this is a database specific t4 template the first step in creating the add nhibernate entity class recipe is to define a t4 file the first step in using nhibernate is to download nhibernate and log4net , an open-source logging application for example, a husband object associated with a single wife object., nhibernate vs entity framework, nhibernate generated 3Dalways, nhibernate generated 3Dalways, nhibernate datetime2, nhibernate helper

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