paper hard hat template

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the following activity is designed for parents and children to do together. 1. help your child cut out the center out of the paper plate. 2. cut the paper rim in half and staple it to the plastic bowl. this will be the front of the hard hat. 4. next, hand your child some art supplies to decorate the hard hat.

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construction party hats, instant download printable kids construction tool birthday party theme hard paper plate; plastic bowl; kid scissors; stapler; tape or glue; construction paper ; art supplies (i.e. paint, markers, stickers) blue tempera paint, shallow trays, and white construction paper every construction worker needs a hard hat. let your , construction hat, construction hat, construction crafts.

last weekend, i crafted a construction hat (or hard hat) as we did a when your kids appreciate mix and match our six free printable hat tops with four hat bottoms to create all sorts of paper hats. come up with construction worker’s hard hat – chef hat – army helmet. kids will love making and wearing these cute hats. ,

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