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we know a happy crew is more fun to be around, and a sneaky cheat that chefs have up their jackets is that we control the food onboard for lunches and dinner. when we know a crew member is having a rough day, we can ask them to swing by the galley for a little treat. likewise, we know it is important to provide a balanced diet for all crew members, taking in to account their dietary requirements due to allergies, religious reasons, and also personal reasons. having a vegan or a gluten-free crew member is not make or break for a yacht chef, so long as they know how to manage the crew members. as chef’s, we don’t mind putting in the extra effort for a couple of hard-working crew members. to help you out, there’s a super easy crew preference sheet printable here for you to download.

throw it up in the crew mess for them to fill in every month. it will provide you with loads of great ideas and your crew menu will practically write itself! let them all jot down their likes and dislikes and reap the benefits as your next few weeks of meal planning just got easier! if you loved this crew preference sheet, share it with other chefs in your network. a creative space for superyacht chefs to share and engage. share knowledge and opinions.

caribbean charter preference sheet. to download any file, click on selection and select “open this file from its current cuisine is a significant part of any vacation. in order for your chef to customize a menu that suits everyone’s taste, it is yacht charter guest preference form. to ensure that please complete the following sheet, being as specific as possible. /english/ common/courses/forms/pdf/10063-ver2-0.pdf., below deck preference sheets, below deck preference sheets, preference sheet uft, hotel guest preference sheet.

download our free crew preference sheet for planning crew meals on board your boat. just put it up in the crew mess preference sheet page 2. food preference sheet φγφγφγφ. please make a few notes as to how you prefer your meals yacht charter preference sheet to ensure that everything on your luxury vacation is exactly right for each and ,

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