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in addition to showing rent receipts, a rent ledger also provides information about a tenant, including history of on-time or late payments, past due amount, security deposit collected, and the beginning and ending date of the lease. one of the biggest disadvantages to downloading a rent ledger is that information has to be manually entered, and it can be easy to make a mistake that may lead a landlord to wrongly accuse a tenant of paying the rent late. having a professional rent ledger template is important if there is ever a dispute with a tenant, or if the rent ledger needs to be shared with a lender, business partners, or a buyer (if a rental property is being sold). unfortunately, tenant information and rent payment transactions still need to be manually entered on a spreadsheet rent ledger.

signing up for a free account with stessa is an easy way to automate a rent ledger by tracking charges, payments, and balances by tenant. quickly identify if a tenant is late paying the rent so the tenant can be contacted and an automatic reminder notice can be sent. a good rent ledger allows a landlord to customize information for each tenant, property, and unit in a multifamily building. specifically, davison and buhayar report that “the… with your property address, stessa can begin to build your portfolio and take you on the first step towards maximizing the value of your real estate assets

a rent ledger is one of the most valuable reports that property owners can use to help increase cash flow and property value. by reviewing a property’s rent ledger over multiple years, an investor can learn if the overall gross rental income is growing, declining or staying the same. by reviewing the rent ledger, a property manager can quickly determine if a tenant is behind on the rent and immediately contact the tenant.

as part of the tenant screening process when applying to rent a new home, a tenant can use a copy of the rent ledger to help gain a competitive edge. a rent ledger provides information on the cash flow the property is currently generating, and the rental income that remains unpaid. the rules to evict a tenant for not paying the rent vary based on the state landlord-tenant laws where the property is located. some of the many benefits of using a rent ledger include monitoring gross rental income collected, improving property noi and cash flow, and identifying long-term financial performance trends.

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