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property management is a breeze with real estate forms, lease forms and landlord forms, which help you conduct business related to personal or commercial properties in a professional, legal manner. protect yourself and your tenants with lease forms, which provide key lease information and clarify the terms and conditions of leasing a property to avoid future disputes and misunderstandings. with inspection forms, it’s easy to check the conditions of a rental property both pre- and post-lease with a handy checklist that lets you observe and document the state of floors, walls, ceilings, appliances, lighting fixtures, windows, doors, locks and more.

make sure things remain professional and avoid heated confrontations with termination and eviction forms that let tenants know when they need to vacate the premises. make sure things go smoothly with real estate forms, like offer to purchase forms that let you legally bid on real estate offerings, where you can state a purchasing price and submit an official offer. use an agreement to sell form to indicate that you’re selling a piece of personal property.

securing a clean, safe, and pleasant place to live is central to your qualify of life. while an issue such as the tenant failing to pay the rent or the landlord failing to repair the toilet seem like straightforward matters, in reality they can be complex legal issues where factors such as notice requirements, reasonable time to make repairs, and other arguments can impact the outcome of the case. if you have any concern that terms of your lease are unlawful or you believe your landlord is in breach of the lease, consulting a lawyer can help you identify the legal actions and recourse available to you.

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