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once this rental application has been completed by the tenant it should be returned to the landlord and along with the application fee. record the fee that must be submitted with this application to cover the cost of its review by the landlord or property owner. if not parking space will be available to the prospective tenant, then the “no” box should be marked. a valuable picture identification of the tenant is often considered to be his or her driver’s license. either the “yes” or “no” box must be selected to indicate if the applicant has declared bankruptcy in the past. naturally, the property owner or landlord will wish to make sure that the applicant will be able to pay the rent expected for the property.

the professional title held by the applicant at his or her previous place of employment should be delivered to this area. the physical address of the applicant’s current residence must be furnished to this application. the previous landlord of the applicant may be contacted as a result of this application. now that the second to last premises leased by the potential tenant has been defined, the full name of the landlord or property manager who participated in the second to last lease held by the applicant must be reported. to this end, a second area where the full name of the applicant’s second personal reference can be documented as well as the relationship held between this second personal reference and the applicant is included. the type of account held by the applicant should be disclosed with the above information. if the applicant is a california resident and wishes to receive a consumer report as a result of this application, regardless of whether the property owner or landlord intends on obtaining one for this application, then the second statement must be initialed by the applicant.

the illinois rental application form is a legal document that landlords use to evaluate prospective tenants to help decide if they should rent to the applicant. in illinois, there is no limit on what a landlord can charge as an application fee. additionally, security deposits do not have a cap or maximum amount set by illinois state law, but cities and counties may impose their own limits. in chicago, landlords must provide a receipt for collected deposits they must also keep the deposit in an illinois fdic insured bank and provide the holding information including the state-standard interest on the balance. therefore, these criteria may not be asked about in writing or in person, and may not be used in the consideration of a rental application.

in illinois, the following exemptions are allowed: before a landlord can run a credit check based on the prospective tenant’s information on the submitted rental application, the federal credit reporting act requires that written consent must be given by the applicant. this written consent can be given via a statement of such and signature on the rental application form itself (like in our free template), or via a separate consent form (such as this one). if you acquire a consumer report for an applicant (i.e., credit, eviction or criminal history) and take an “adverse action” against them such as any of the following: then you are legally required to provide the tenant with a notice letter that includes certain details, known as an “adverse action notice”. the notice must include details about the consumer reporting agency, an explanation that they didn’t take the adverse action themselves (and can’t explain why it was made) and a statement on the applicant’s right to a copy of the report and to dispute its contents within 60 days. the information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only. it’s about time the internet had a single place with all of the most up-to-date information from leading experts in property management, investing and real estate law.

create a high quality document online now! rental application form, background check authorization form. rental application form. an illinois rental application is used when a property manager or landlord must gather information regarding viable applicants for a rental an illinois rental application form can be downloaded in adobe pdf and used by a landlord to verify if a tenant is, among other things, able to pay the rent, .

the illinois rental application form is a legal document that landlords use to evaluate prospective tenants to help decide if they should this form is given to each prospective tenant, who must then complete it in its entirety and pay an application fee. the fee covers the costs of background the illinois rental application can enable landlords to gain an informative and useful summary of their potential tenants’ credit, rental, criminal,, .

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