Sales invoice template

Sales invoice template is a sales receipt sample that has a predefined format and layout for recording the sales transactions including the selling price, product or service details etc. A well defined sales invoice sample can help both the buyer and seller to go through the sales transactions in a smooth way.


Sales Invoice Basics

Sales invoice need to have a clear understanding of the function and usage. Sales invoice can serve as record keeping and tax purpose. Sales invoice can help business and financing department to keep a record of the sale. It provides a way to track the date a good was sold, how much money was paid and any outstanding debt. Sales invoice is also a important document showing the summary of the business transaction when reporting taxes to the relevant tax authorities.

Sales invoice needs to know the difference between sales invoice and accounting receivables. There are both accounting terms but represent different means. Sales invoice are the billing documents whereas accounting receivables indicate which sales invoices have been paid by your clients, and which transactions represent revenue that still needs to be collected. Keeping track of accounts receivable enables business to effectively manage cash flow cycle.

Sales Invoice Template Outline

There is free sales example you may download for reference, however, you may consider designing your sample sales invoice template based on your accounting needs and requirements. During the design process, it is essential to take into account the sales invoice format, sales invoice layout and sales invoice outline in the sales invoice example.

The first key part in the sales invoice template is the sales invoice overview. In the section, you may give a brief introduction of the sales invoice, the sales invoice purpose and information about buyer and seller. For example, The Seller Name:__; The Seller Address:__; The buyer Name:__; Buyer Address:__; The Sales Invoice Data:__; Sales Invoice Reference No:__ etc.

The second key part in the sales invoice sample is the main part. In the section, you need to give details of the sales transaction. For example, the Purchase Product or Service:__; The Date of Purchase:__; The Details of the Purchase:__; The Price and Tax of the Purchase:__ etc.

The last key part in the sales invoice example is payment terms and other information. In the section, you need to give details of the payment terms for the payment. You may also give information about the product or service support and business policy on the product return and service maintenance etc. For example, The payment terms for the sales:__; Support Information for the product or service:__ etc.