section 8 lease agreement

with funding from the u.s. department of housing and urban development, cha’s housing choice voucher (hcv) program helps low-income households choose and pay for quality housing in the private market by paying a portion of their rent. as explained in cha’s hcv program administrative plan, the u.s. department of housing and urban development (hud) requires that all units subsidized under the housing choice voucher program meet a minimum standard of health and safety rules called housing quality standards (hqs). property owners can manage their account online.

project-based assistance is different in that you must live in a specific building in order to receive help in paying your rent. owners can market their property to voucher holders by registering it in the cha’s online database or listing it at any of the hcv program regional offices. you can now find out the date and timeframe of your next inspection on this website or through an automated call system or text message.

project-based assistance is tied to a specific property and benefits only the residents who live at that location. to obtain assistance through the housing choice voucher (hcv) program, as administered by the chicago housing authority (cha), prospective renters in chicago must earn a low income and get lucky during one of the rarely-held waiting-list lotteries, and typically endure a long wait. if approved by the landlord, the rental apartment is inspected by a representative of the cha to ensure that the rental meets basic housing quality standards. in that case, the landlord completes a so-called request for tenancy approval (rta) (a copy is available here) and submits it to the cha.

if the rent is approved, landlords who are new to the housing choice voucher program are then required to submit additional paperwork and attend a so-called owner briefing at one of two chicago locations. all apartments leased to voucher holders must meet a series of health and safety rules known as the housing quality standards. the cha may reassess the reasonableness of the monthly rent at any time after the lease is signed, however, and is required to make a reassessment of the fair market rent decreases by five percent or more at least sixty days before the anniversary of the lease or any renewal. a tenant in the hcv program is entitled to all the rights and is subject to the same responsibilities as every other tenant.

the owner is leasing the contract unit to the tenant for occupancy by the tenant’s family with assistance for a tenancy under the section 8 housing choice. [966.4 (f)(8)]. tenant also agrees to abide by any local ordinance or house rules restricting or prohibiting the use of space heaters in multi-dwelling units. leasing with housing choice voucher (hcv) the u.s. department of housing and urban development (hud) requires that all units subsidized under the, .

the owner then signs the lease with the tenant and enters into a “housing assistance payment” (or hap) contract with the cha. the hap contract requires the the landlord agrees to implement changes in the tenant’s rent or tenant assistance payment only in accordance with the time frames and administrative procedures housing choice voucher (hcv, also known as the section 8) program both you and the landlord sign the lease and are in agreement as., .

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