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last week, i suddenly had to work with an oracle database again. i tried it this time, and i found i could not connect to the schema i wanted: the schema just turned up empty. i can, except that they want me to turn in a dna sample first: of course, faking those kind of details is not impossible, but the hassle of going through something like that just for a lousy program so i can just run a couple of lousy queries puts me off. it includes sql*plus, the “venerable” command-line tool provided by oracle to query and administer oracle databases. being a arch linux user with a predilection for anything with a command-line interface, it was not too bad, but getting the output formatted so that i could actually make sense of it required more effort than most users are willing to put up with. how do you find the schema’s you want, the tables you need to query?

this post aims to be a cheatsheet so you can find your way around. getting an empty result does not mean that the database object does not exist. the basic syntax to connect as user alice with password qwerty to a database foo which is located on db.domain.tld and listens on port 1521 (default port) is: the show command lets you look at the current state of your sqlplus environment: show all shows all settings. this works because you can subtract a fraction from a date type where the fraction is interpreted as a fraction of a day (1 is an entire day, 0.5 is 12 hours, etc.). the first row selected has a rownum of 1, the second has 2, and so on. but if you add a order by clause, oracle will first select the first ten rows, and only then apply the order by clause, which might not be what you want.

oracle is a registered trademark, and oracle forms, sql*plus and pl/sql are trademarks or registered example. explanation vertical bar. |. separates alternative syntax elements that may be table of contents. intro; getting help with sqlplus; connecting to an oracle database using sql*plus not complete! basics sqlplus /nolog # from cl connect / as sysdba # connect startup # start oracle , sqlplus commands list, sqlplus commands list, sqlplus cheat sheet pdf, sqlplus shortcuts, sqlplus basics.

oracle 11g for dummies cheat sheet. related book these sql commands and command line executables are a good place to start when you begin working with oracle. sql*plus, sqlplus. sql cheat sheet. information. dialects. postgres. remove all tables in a database. drop owned by the_user; this “cheat sheet” covers most of the basic functionality that an oracle dba needs to run basic queries and perform , sqlplus queries, sqlplus command example, sqlplus command example, basic oracle commands

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