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e. the team leader shall be responsible for any communications with the customer concerning the solicitation, the competitive proposal, or the contract proposed by the solicitation, and agrees to give the team member an opportunity to be present at meetings with the customer that may concern the team member’s share of the proposed contract. nothing in this teaming agreement shall be construed to grant either the team leader or the team member the right to make commitments of any kind for or on behalf of the other party, without the prior written consent of the other party. nothing in this subparagraph or in any other provision of this teaming agreement shall be construed as giving one party the right to audit the books and records of the other party. the burden of proof with respect to the applicability of any such subparagraph to any proposed use or disclosure of proprietary information by the receiving party shall be upon the receiving party.

regardless whether or not restrictions are imposed by the customer, each party agrees not to release any publicity or information concerning the solicitation or this teaming agreement without the prior written approval of the other, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. c. except as otherwise specifically provided in this paragraph c., neither party shall institute any action or proceeding against the other party in any court with respect to any dispute that is or could be the subject of a claim or proceeding pursuant to this section. any such amendment shall be in writing, shall identify the provisions of this teaming agreement that are to be amended, and shall be signed by authorized signatories of the parties. the parties stipulate and agree that no prior drafts, memoranda, notes, or discussions relating to this teaming agreement shall be used at any time by either party in any trial or hearing, or be used or discoverable in any discovery process pertaining thereto, to prove or evidence in any way the intention or understanding of either party with respect to any provision or part of this teaming agreement.

as a team, each of the parties hereto agrees to offer its fullest support and cooperation to preserve in good faith the spirit of the teaming concept evidenced this teaming agreement relates solely and exclusively to the parties’ establishment of and performance as a team with respect to the solicitation and to the please note that the teaming template below is provided for example only. actual teaming agreements should be drawn individually for the specific situation,, teaming agreement checklist, teaming agreement checklist, teaming agreement pdf, simple teaming agreement, teaming agreement sample doc.

teaming agreement – table of contents (based on 3 contracts) 1. customer 2. teaming arrangement 3. workshare 4. business initiative. e. parties resources; f 1.1 the proposal will be based on contractor acting as the prime contractor to the government for any resultant contract, and subcontractor, acting as this teaming agreement, including all exhibits attached hereto or referenced herein. (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”), is made and entered into, master teaming agreement, pre teaming agreement, non-exclusive teaming agreement clause, teaming agreement pros and cons.

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