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a wedding venue contract is a living document – you don’t just create it once and then use the same one forever. the wedding venue contract is what clients sign to reserve their date with you. this is all on the first page of the wedding venue contract so that you can reference it easily without having to dig somewhere into the contract. the purpose of the wedding venue contract is to provide you with maximum protection. this section of the wedding venue contract states that the venue rental fee of ____ includes wedding management/day-of coordination service, which includes “xyz”, which is a bullet-pointed list of exactly what they’re going to get in plain english, and also what it doesn’t include.

the communication clause in the wedding venue contract solves a lot of what-if scenarios on both sides. this part of the wedding venue contract outlines the payment that the client is going to pay you. you can have a different refundability process, but this section of the wedding venue contract lets your client know they don’t have to remember these dates because they will all be in the contract. this section of the wedding venue contract talks about the damage deposit that is paid upfront. in part two, i’m going to walk you through the rest of my wedding venue contract.

as such, if you’re a couple booking your wedding venue, you’ll want to make sure your wedding venue contract is comprehensive. after all, you don’t want it to be the week of your wedding and realize that your venue doesn’t have a liquor license. to help avoid any last-minute snafus, we’ve put together a list of everything that should be on your wedding venue contract. you’ll likely be in contact with your wedding venue during the planning process, so this will come in handy. writing this detail down ensures that you have a firm reservation on the space. for example, make sure to include your décor—the color of the walls, the type of flooring, the type of chandeliers. timing is everything on your wedding day, so you want to make sure that your pros (like the florist and dj) can get started when they need to. ask your venue to include a floor plan if possible so you can see what it will all look like.

request an itemized list that includes everything the side will provide (from waitstaff to linens, plus special services like coat check and valet parking). it’s always a good idea to get the names of the people in charge of the space on your wedding day in case you need their help. do you want confirmation that the venue will remove a rug that clashes with your colors for the duration of your reception? make sure you write that down in paper so it can’t be changed on the day of. make sure every single cost is crystal clear. make sure you know excactly how the venue handles those situations so you’re not surprised in the event it happens. for example, if they are including the cake in your package, ask to get some more details so you know exactly what you’re getting. the rest of your planning will now begin to fall into place—we promise.

this contract constitutes the entire agreement between the wedding ceremonies may be held in the reception venue for no additional charge. the wedding venue contract is what clients sign to reserve their date with you. it’s what expresses the whole inner workings of what it’s like to become a sample contract for wedding, reception, and party. reservations require this rental agreement to be signed and dated; accompanied by a $250.00 wedding, .

as such, if you’re a couple booking your wedding venue, you’ll want to make sure see the basic points that every venue agreement should cover, below. free 10+ event venue contract samples in pdf | ms word | pages | google docs. 1. event venue contract template special events & wedding venue contract. this agreement is made effective as of. , by and between the grand estate at hidden acres and. (names of clients), .

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